Salon style pet grooming, one furry family member at a time!

1) Faster groom time! The average dog is here between 1-2 hours max! That means they are not sitting in crates for 2-5 hours to dry, causing stress on your pet.

2)Focused grooming. Dogs are not put in crates for hours, and bounced between groomers. This leads to better relationships between the pets and their stylist. We can take the time to get to know their quirks, and know the best way to groom them.

3)Cross contamination. With less dogs being done every day, there is a decreased chance of illness being spread. The average groomer in a regular shop does 10-15 dogs a day. With multiple groomers, that means there are at times 25-35 dogs in a shop at one time. That leads to stress, as well as a greater chance of diseases being passed around.

4)Owner's peace of mind! Why spend the day waiting and worrying about your pet? Are they ok? Are they almost done? You never have to worry, because they are done quickly! Also, as long as the pet doesn't mind, we are fine with you watching!


Here at The Pet Spa llc, we take the time to get to know you and your pet. To give them the individual care needed to make grooming a positive experience.